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4 Reasons We Resist Change and what to do about it

Learn why it’s natural to resist change and how to not let that deter your success. If you want help overcoming your resistance to changing your life for the better – I’m here for it 🙂

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Yvette Dubel is an Artist-Researcher in Residence coordinating the We The World Freedom Campaign. She applies her knowledge, artist practice, and resulting systems with the intention to help more people use their freedom to realize their highest potential for the good of all.

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Why does this matter? Self-Empowerment is essential if you want to be the leader of your own life, yet alone lead a team or community. First it begins with managing negative emotions about yourself and others. That’s because fears and doubts interfere with thoughts that are affirming and helpful. Learning to identify and overcome limiting beliefs will greatly improve your progress toward self-empowerment. Finally, as you make progress building grit is essential. Because grit has been shown to be the most significant indicator of success.

Life Transformation

If you are serious about how to get my life in order, you’ve landed here to help you avoid the pitfall of taking some big dramatic action. Instead, be gentle and kind to yourself. Begin with small changes that have a big impact.

Gaining control of your life with Zen is an approach to life transformation and self-empowerment in the quest to discover the steps to a better life. The Zen path is about harnessing a powerful, potentially priceless intangible asset. This asset that is key to you Zen living is your Attention. To understand why it is so valuable ask yourself – what can exist without attention? (Continue reading)

Steps To Be A Better Person

It all begins with clarity. When you lack clarity about what you want, you may need to step back to see if you are clear on WHO YOU ARE. Have you been living with a clear idea of who you are? This means understanding what matters most to you, the gifts and talents you are here to perfect and share with the world. It also means understanding those areas you need to develop to realize more of your potential. And replacing confusion with clarity is a smart place to begin. Ready? Let’s do this.

Short Story On Courage

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