Many people will first think the answer is to make more money. However, if you are asking this question, the place to start is your focus. With your focus, you are spending one of the most valuable assets you have. That potentially priceless intangible asset is your Attention. To understand why it is so valuable ask yourself – what can exist without attention? Now how closely does the life you’ve created thus far align with the life you really want and long for? This is how you know if you are investing your attention wisely. If not, no worries. This is your moment of power to make a better decision.

When don’t know how to make a better life, consider that may not be the problem. Rather it is a symptom of the problem. The problem is more likely a lack of clarity or lack of self-knowledge. In both cases, the solution is to priroritize your self-empowerment personal development. The solution isn’t out there somewhere, it’s within you. You will find plenty of free information and resources to get started looking within to gain the self knowledge you need to move forward.

Let’s start by acknowledging that your personal growth is needed to transform your life and our world. This project emerges from decades of work towards creating a better world by supporting folks just like you. Now in collaboration with We, The World – NYC based nonprofit organization, as Artist-Researcher coordinating the Freedom Campaign, I am amplifying to help even more of you. In the end, your personal growth will have an impact on your work and how you will serve our better world that works for all. This video will introduce you to the work of We, The World Freedom Campaign, where you are invited to apply for an internship or volunteer position that will help you advance your passion. You matter and what you do next will make a difference.

Not enough people understand how important attention management and Focus are to your meaningful success. This means any goals you wish to achieve and activate your purpose. Are you continuously struggling to find your zone? Then it’s time for you to flip the switch and get on track. Look, if you’re serious about what can I do to make my life better, you’ve landed here to help you avoid the pitfall of taking some big dramatic action. Instead, be gentle and kind to yourself. Begin with small changes that have a big impact.


3 Simple Hacks to Make Life Better By Staying Focused

Does it seem like you can’t discover the switch that will turn the light on? This prevails in today’s world. Diversions are constantly competing for our attention, and our focus is split into more directions than can be discovered on a compass. These issues are frequently intensified by the difficult outcomes of our absence of focus: insufficient tasks, unfinished work, and the inability to get in touch with others when your mind is wandering. However, this does not have to be the case. You can discover the switch and get it flipped into the “on” position with a little work.

  1. Train Your Brain

    Probably, you have poor focus since you don’t work out that muscle. Focus isn’t a real muscle of your body, but similar to a muscle, it requires training to work effectively and at optimal capacity. Start little by setting a time for yourself to work on one thing for 10 or 15 minutes. Follow that with a 3-minute break. When you can do this successfully, start increasing the length of time that you work for. This will help strengthen your focus muscle.
  2. Challenge Yourself

    Often losing focus isn’t because we are unable to concentrate; it’s because what you’re dealing with isn’t appealing enough. Like a bad motion picture or book, your mind will wander to discover something more intriguing. Take on more challenging or intriguing work if you have the capability. The difficulty of more difficult work or a more intricate job will offer your brain something to really focus on and resolve rather of wondering around trying to find something of more interest.
  3. Break the Undesirable Cycles

    Tension and interruption are really typically cozy bedfellows. They feed off one another. Tension causes interruption, which causes incomplete tasks, which then adds more stress. Find efficient forms of tension relief. Physical exertion, reading, or anything that reduces your stress level and permits you to focus. Breaking the cycle of tension and diversions will free up your cognitive resources for focusing and completing jobs, which will, in turn, eliminate more of the tension.

Getting control of your focus is no easy job. It takes time, work, and frequently considering outdoors factors (i.e., stress that originates from your incomplete task list). Making the effort to reform bad routines, develop new favorable practices, and challenge yourself to focus more can all result in a changed attitude and the ability to concentrate on what you need to. When you’re serious about what can I do to make my life better, consider that you landed here to help you avoid the pitfall of taking some big dramatic action. Instead, be gentle and kind to yourself. Begin with small changes that have a big impact. Then continue to build your courage. This is a great time to begin journaling. You can use journaling as a way to activate working with affirmation. This combined with daily meditation (or when needed throughout your day to manage your emotions ) will make a dramatic improvement in your life experience in record time.

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