Answering this question can be simple, but not necessarily easy. Because when wondering what can I do to make my life better – many folks will first think the solution is making more money. But if you jump to that conclusion you will \make a common mistake. However, it’s possible to avoid this pitfall by recognizing the importance of meaningfulness and fulfillment.

If you are an artist of any type, and you happen to have an entrepreneurial impulse then you may want to check out this series recorded with my first business coach, Kellen Fluckiger. Check out this series to benefit from the hard lessons I”ve learned along the way. Kellan has guided many entrepreneurs on their journey to break the cage to find the freedom to become who they were meant to be.

The series is called: Creative’s Getting Paid – Do What You Love, Get Paid and Have Fun Episode 1: Three Common Myths

In this hangout we will address three common myths which make creatives either: a. never get started, or  b. creating their art without marketing and therefore never having an impact and never getting paid.

We will discuss the following myths and talk about how to bust these wide-open so they don’t get in your way ever again

Myth #1 – I have to ‘sell out’ in order to make money.

Myth #2 – I need a ton of money to market my stuff.

Myth #3 – This only works if I have a lucky break.

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